Sitting on the music with 150 million fans, being spit for 10 years for 7 boyfriends, can’t get rid of the high horsetail?

To say who is most dedicated in the European and American music circles, non-Ariana Grande is the only one who has been out for six years, and has produced five infusions of albums and participated in the creation of 35 singles. Sit on the throne of high-yield singers, and is called “Little Maria Kelly” with the voice of Gao Song.

Ariana Grande is affectionately called “A Girl” by fans. She can be said to be the peak of her debut. The debut album “Yours Truly” is a blockbuster. In the first week of the release, she won the Billboard album chart, including the famous song. The Way won the 9th place in the top 100 list celebrity dresses .

A girl used her grades to prove her love for music, and became the “best successor” of Mariah Carey in the eyes of the media. Ranked twice by Time magazine as one of the world’s most influential people, with 150 million fans on Instagram.

A girl with a good voice, she started performing in the theater at the age of 4; she gave her own screen debut at the age of 8 and sang the American national anthem in the ice hockey competition. She then participated in the theater stage on Broadway. Grinding yourself over and over again, from “Sendurea” to “Snow White”, each performance is a training of singing and accumulation of performance experience.

Also boarded Victoria’s Secret Underwear Show, singing four hot lists, even if suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and severe anxiety, did not give up the love of music, with a score of one sheet Single, has become a well-deserved idol in the hearts of young people.

Today, A’s official account on YouTube has more than 23 million subscribers, and personal Twitter has more than 60 million followers. It has 150 million fans on Instagram and ranks third among all users.

However, some netizens turned a blind eye to her beautiful music transcripts. Tucao has changed her boyfriend from 16 years old to 10 years, and the shortest window period is only one month. It is questioned how much can’t stand loneliness!

In fact, A sister is very serious about each relationship. She likes to write emotions into the lyrics. In the album “7 Rings”, she puts the daily life with her girlfriend into the lyrics, not only thanks for friendship, but also Expressed that I can live well even if I don’t fall in love.

In addition to the music is fascinating, A girl can wear a two-meter posture with a height of 157cm. She is also very persistent in hair style. 90% of the time is tied with a high horsetail. It has become her exclusive symbol. It is.

Her dress style is also unique and has become a fashion icon recognized by many fashion circles. Wearing a yellow tube top dress, the beautiful back of the big show, coupled with the tall ball head, reveals the exquisite facial features.

49-year-old handsome “new meat” is both visual? Go all out for the role, and the combination with Xuan Yu also introduces memories

Compared with the recent “crime scene”, the ancient interpretation of the ancient music and Xuan Yu people make people look forward to it. It is better to say that it is difficult to make Xiaobian’s intentions clear. After 18 years, they finally cooperated again.

Many filmmakers said that the appearance rate of Gu Tianle is too high this year! In the past six films, except for the “Home and Everything” at the beginning of the year, from “Anti-Corruption Storm 4” to “Acts 2”, we are always black with a face, holding a gun, in the play. In, or gloomy, or tragic celebrity dresses.

Characters and performances, copy and paste similarities, you can only pass, and the actors he plays, in the end is Lin Feng Liang Jiahui, or Liu Dehua Zhang Jiahui, to distinguish several works.

The days when Louis Koo was a TV student in TVB, it was recognized as a contrast. Eight years of cooperation in eight years, “Pet Love”, the first time to play CP, happy family, can be cute love, the whole Hong Kong into the play too deep, the two really as a pair.

Later, he also took the “Criminal Detective Archives 4”, the CP played by the two, and the endless love of the sorrowful circle of the finale. After this drama, the role was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In that year, TVB’s Visionary was directly awarded to Gu Tianle and Xuan Xuan.

Then, the last drama “Looking for Qin” by Gu Tianle and Xuan Xuan in TVB is a common memory of everyone and Xiaobian. A TVB drama that everyone can’t miss in youth is undoubted.

The “Criminal Scene” released in 2019 is very different from the film mentioned above. “It is also evil” is the consistent style of Gu Tianle. This time, he will play a very controversial role in “Criminal Scene”. It is also the role he has painstakingly created.

In recent years, his attitude towards filming has become more and more serious. It is said that in this newly released movie, he is trying to complete an important rainy night, playing in the muddy ground of the funeral and risking poisoning. And the risk of disfigurement is bitten by red fire ants.

In order to realistically present the explosion scene, he did not need CG special effects, nor did he have to substitute himself. He personally went to live in the downtown area of ​​Hong Kong to take a close-up shot of the scene and get close contact with the explosives.

It can be said that he really took the life to act, and we seem to have seen the desperate old man of the year. Perhaps “Criminal Scene” is a major change in the performance of actor Gu Tianle from “production” to “acting school.”

Not only did the acting skills win a good expressive power, but the ancient music in the real world is also the sense of sight of man’s small meat. Even at the age of 49-year-old uncle, dressing is very fashionable and not very old. At the event, he wore a striped suit with casual trousers and a combination of plaid + solid color to interpret a sense of high-level, attending the event with its own aura.

Let’s take a look at the recent magazines with Xuanyuan. After the fashion stylists’ creation, the striped trousers are not only modern but also trendy. The sense of CP of the two people is once again coming out. On the cover, the most friendship of the university, Gu Tianle and “Oh,” it seems that these two forces are going to carry out the friendship in the end, but the audience expressed their disappointment. When can you change your friendship into a wedding photo?

Xuan Xuan plays the landlord of Gu Tianle in “Criminal Scene”. From the current trailer, she takes great care of Gu Tianle. Coincidentally, this relationship is almost the same as in real life.

Although the two people in this movie are not presented to everyone in the form of husband and wife, no matter how the film is made, but this is the couple of screen lovers, it is not worth buying to buy back tickets?

Live a life without limits, you are the queen on your own track!

Although the annual “Queen’s Day” has ended, the topic of “they” has never stopped. No matter whether it is a holiday or not, women’s independence, autonomy, and extraordinary achievements are endless. It shows that women have long since they have got rid of the model impression of the front and back of the church, but they have played a pivotal role in social progress.

Time and time again, the facts prove that women are never synonymous with husband and wife, washing and cooking. They can “make the eyebrows” and fight for the achievements of many male compatriots in their respective fields, even in the male-dominated racing circuit. In the same way, there are also top female racers who can make most people “can’t catch up”.

F1’s first female driver, Maria Teresa de Filippis

Filippis is the first woman ever to participate in the Formula One World Championship. From 1958 to 1959, she participated in five F1 Grand Prix races, three times in the finals, and successfully completed the Belgian Grand Prix in 1958, and won the tenth place. As the first woman to participate in the Formula 1 race, Filippis has a groundbreaking position in the history of racing and is a forward model celebrity dresses.

Lombardi is the only female driver who has scored in the F1 competition so far. She has participated in 17 F1 races in her career and won the sixth place in the 1975 Spanish Grand Prix, eventually getting 0.5. Points (the number of points earned by all players is reduced by half due to the accident).

Wilson has won the Brands Hatch in the Aurora F1 series in the UK, which has made her the first and only female driver to win a championship in Formula One. To commemorate her victory, Brands Hatch also named her stand in her name.

At the same time, she is also the female racer of the world’s top super-running brand, SALEEN’s team, under the leadership of Steve Seiling, the “master of the century” who is also the captain and the mentor. The SCCA Endurance Series event was staged on the Sonoma Circuit in California with all-female drivers, including Lisa Cesaras and Lynn St. James, who won the season. A victory.

What is the most difficult racing game in the world? One of the recognized games will definitely include the Dakar Rally! Kleinschmidt won the championship of his car group in 2001, and she was the only woman to win this “world’s toughest event”.

In addition to them, there are many female drivers on the racing track that are amazing, and in the racing world where men are firmly in control, these female drivers are still rare. However, it is precisely because of the pioneering efforts of these predecessors that more and more cool and beautiful appearances have appeared on the court. Today, Molly Saleen, who is active on the circuit, must be a pretty dazzling presence.

As the so-called “father father dogless girl”, as the founder of the SALEEN brand founder – Steve Saleen, Molly grew up on the race track. At the age of two, she began to follow her father to watch various top racing events. As Molly grew up day by day, her fascination with the car gradually escalated and began to learn to touch and understand the car from the trivialities of cleaning the tires, checking the tire pressure and even distributing the posters of the race, and Molly’s racing talent became more and more obvious.

Molly, who has been in the game since childhood

As a top racer, Molly’s father, Steve Cyrus, naturally supports and cultivates her daughter. Of course, Molly did not have the father’s high hopes and his dreams. He relied on his own strength to occupy a place on the fierce racing track. He eventually became one of the few women who participated in the NASCAR professional competition. One of the drivers. She is also the only internationally renowned female racer in the world who can control the Sai Lin S7 track version, and the genes of the racing cars hidden in their own blood are fully realized.

Seeing her daughter on the track as if it were a “Queen”, Steve Selin prepared a special gift for her: a paint-colored “Molly Pop” named after her. The special paint color of the Cylin car has also become a popular color that is difficult for many female consumers to resist, and captured a large number of “heavy color” fans.

“Without HER , even HERO is O .” In the racetrack filled with mechanical oil and pungent smell, it was because of the participation of female racers that the sport had more exciting possibilities. It is because such a group of women who are not afraid of the world’s prejudice and boldly live their true colors, let Sai Lin, who concentrates on creating the top super-run, develop more products that suit women’s preferences. This not only makes Xilin become the dream car of many men, but also harvests a large number of female fans.

The power of women is far from this. Whether it is motorsport or other fields, more and more women who have never set limits on themselves are doing their best to become the queen of the “life track”, their strength. It also affects the people and things around you, inspiring yourself to move in a better direction!